Explore Sri Lanka: A Comprehensive Travel Guide


Sri Lanka lies nestled amidst the glittering Indian Ocean and offers travellers a treasure trove of history, culture and natural beauty. From sun-kissed beaches to lush tea plantations to ancient temples and bustling cities, there’s something here for every traveller looking for adventure or simply seeking relaxation; here is your comprehensive guide to discovering this enticing destination.


Your adventure begins in Colombo, the vibrant capital city where modernity meets tradition. Begin with a visit to Galle Face Green – an urban park on the seafront where locals gather to watch the sunset – followed by the National Museum with its treasure trove of colonial artefacts. Pettah Market provides an overwhelming sensory overload of colours, sounds, and aromas, perfect for shopping for local handicrafts and spices!


Kandy, Sri Lanka’s cultural capital, can be reached via a scenic train ride from Colombo. Nestled amidst verdant hills, Kandy is home to one of Buddhism’s holiest sites – the Temple of Tooth Relic. Additionally, the Esala Perahera festival – an incredible procession featuring elephants, dancers, and drummers – is not to be missed during visits to Kandy in July or August.

The Hill Country

From Kandy, head out into the hill country, where rolling tea plantations create a breathtaking landscape. Nuwara Eliya, commonly referred to as Little England due to its colonial architecture and mild climate, is an ideal starting point for exploring this region. 

Visit a tea factory to gain an understanding of the production process before enjoying a freshly brewed cup of Ceylon tea while taking in breathtaking panoramic views.

Sri Lanka is an amazing land filled with breathtaking landscapes, abundant history and vibrant culture – the ideal travel guide is essential when visiting. Through Sri Lanka tours you can discover everything from ancient ruins to stunning beaches – plus don’t miss Yala National Park wildlife safaris for an unforgettable adventure.


No trip to Sri Lanka would be complete without visiting Sigiriya, an ancient rock fortress that rises majestically from the central plains. Climbing its 1,200 steps will reward you with breathtaking views as well as insight into Sri Lankan history via its crumbling royal palace ruins and frescoed rock faces. Water gardens near Pidurangala Rock should also be explored.

Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa

Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa provide history lovers with an incredible journey back in time. Anuradhapura, designated a UNESCO World Heritage site, features sprawling ruins of temples, stupas, palaces and other structures from antiquity. 

At the same time, the medieval capital Polonnaruwa boasts several impressive archaeological sites, such as Gal Vihara, which features Buddha statues carved into a granite rock face.

Yala National Park

Yala National Park offers visitors a chance to witness Sri Lanka’s fascinating wildlife up close and personal, including one of the highest concentrations of leopards worldwide, elephants, sloth bears and many different bird species. A safari through Yala provides a thrilling opportunity to witness these magnificent animals in their natural environments.

The South Coast

To rejuvenate and relax in style, the south coast offers beautiful beaches and charming coastal towns to do just that. Unawatuna, Mirissa, and Tangalle are popular locations for sunbathing, surfing and whale watching, while Galle offers an ideal combination of culture, beach and history in one unique package.


Jaffna offers visitors a truly captivating cultural experience, from its distinct Tamil culture and vibrant temples to delicious cuisine and tasty food offerings. Take time out to visit Nallur Kandaswamy Kovil (Hindu Temple) and explore remnants of Jaffna Fort to gain more insight into its rich history.